Roofing Prices

by Fred on March 27, 2013

roofing prices

Sears Home Services Review & Coupons has a few coupons which will save you a lot of money. As of right now, you can save 0 on roofing, 5 on a central cooling system, and get a free in-home consultation. Simply click the link below to activate the coupon of your choice:

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Sears Home Services Review:

Sears Home Services is a well-known brand which you can trust for all of your home improvement needs. Currently, they have a couple of specials which you can redeem with the coupon links above.

Being Sears, they have to have a very high standard for the work to they do. That is why they always go over the top to ensure you are happy and the job gets done right.

For example, if you want to get the Sears Roofing System, they give you up to a 50 year manufacturer’s shingle warranty, an underlayment system to ensure extra protection, a variety of shingle colors to match your house, the highest rating possible for fire for residential use, wind resistance warranties, shingle warranties, up to 5 year labor warranty, and more!

They even have financing options available. You can see by the above roofing description that Sears Home Services give you a whole lot for a very affordable price and right now you can save 0 on a roofing system and 5 on a central cooling system which the coupon links above.

Check them out today before these specials disappear!

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Frequently Asked Questions

    Where could I find a site that compares prices of roofing shingles? I do not need a contractor, just the shin?
    I need about 9 squares of roofing shingles. I have people to apply them, I just want to find the best price. I am a widow on a fixed income but have water in bedroom due to bad roof.

    • ANSWER:
      The best I can do for you is Lowe’s web site. HD only has 4 colors of the same style on theirs. Hope this helps.

    I want prices and sellers of Highmark Shangle roofing in PA. Using Google, what specific wording do I use?
    I want to compare prices of PA lumber yards, home improvement centers, roofing retailers, etc. I don’t know what words to use, or the sequence to have Google give me names of businesses, and their prices. Any help would be much appreciated.
    Thank you.

    • ANSWER:
      I suggest you use the shopping site of google:

      Here is a search, look on the side of the page for businesses and the bottom of the page for comparison prices:

    I want metal roofing that looks like clay tile, where can I get prices on material, as I want to install it my?
    I am a good handy man around my home. I keep getting estmates from roofing company’s. I want to do it myself (I have the ability). So what I want are prices for the metal panels. I want the type that looks like tera cotta clay tiles.

    • ANSWER:

    What are labor prices in missouri for roofing?
    I am curious to see how much tear off is going for per layer, installation and tear up of decking, and laying of shingle based on pitch, all the help would be loved and 5 * for best answer.

    Citations would be appreciated.

    • ANSWER:
      Just call a few local roofers for estimates. They can vary greatly.

    what are the prices of roofing per square
    What are the prices of roofing in central new york per square with tear off and without .What are the prices of tearing of 123 layers of roofing .What does it cost to install new plywood.What does it cost to roof-over with and without materials?

    • ANSWER:
      That will depend on material and labor costs in your area. Also, it depends on the brand and quality (including warranty) of your roofing.
      Builders here in the south say materials costs look like the stock market – up one day, down the next – unpredictable!

      That said, you should be able to find more info on the following web page on roofing:

      You might also check the branch page on asphalt shingles.

      Hope this helps.

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roofing prices

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