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by Fred on November 19, 2012

roofing installation

Shrinkage, Effects on EPDM, Causes and Resolution

Shrinkage is a major problem encountered a few days or weeks after roofing installation. This is typical to EPDM (ethylene-propylene-diene monomer) single-ply roof membranes that constitute almost 25 percent of all houses and buildings in United States. Such a huge percentage entails enormous complaints about the effects of shrinkage on the roof.

There have been researches made by reputable roofing contractors on the cause of shrinkage on EPDM. These researches point the blame on the natural property EPDM to respond to temperature changes. The stability and flexibility of EPDM is dependent on its natural oil content. Like water maintaining the shape of the human body, EPDM needs this oil to maintain its form. When the oil begins to evaporate through heat, or harden when temperature drops, the changes start happening.

In Phoenix, Charlotte and Denver, the local members of an organization comprised of various roofing contractors around the country, presented a common idea about this issue and spotted relative causes. They pointed out that the usual design of EPDM single-ply roofing is not based on its properties and should be conformed to its tendencies to shrink when the temperature changes.

The securement detail of the roofing must be designed conforming to the shrinkage limit of EPDM. Flashings should be secured well by following standard spacing between fasteners. Phoenix roofing contractors provide adequate training for their laborers to be exposed to proper installation practices like this. In some instances, EPDM becomes inefficient because of instant unrolling. Sudden stretching may cause stress buildup on the sheet membranes that may result to significant deformation.

Just like a concrete slab that responds to curing period by shrinking if water-cement ration is not sufficient, EPDM may respond to strain caused by a sudden drop of temperature if it was originally stretched during a hot weather. Most roofers Charlotte, NC recommends make sure that the EPDM roofing shall be installed in such a way that its membranes can relax at any temperature so as not to deteriorate.

Basic recommendations can be made out of these findings about EPDM. Some roofers Denver would recommend performing semi-annual checks on the roofing for preventive purposes. EPDM should be manufactured according to appropriate standards. Furthermore, if the substrate of the roofing is found with damages, it must immediately be strengthened before installation.

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Frequently Asked Questions

    how much does a square of roofing installation costs?
    I live in NC and I was told that roofing repairs are charged by the square. I like to know how much would be fare to pay for a square of shingle installation. That is just the labor.

    • ANSWER:
      There are several factors which effect the installation cost per square, ie; the pitch angle of the roof, the number of hips and valleys, the number of stories above ground, the type and grade of shingles used, etc. You will have to call a contractor and have them come out to get a proper estimate.

    For roofing installation, what temperature range is considered a cold installation?
    At what temperature range would hand pressed sealing of composite shingles be necessary?

    • ANSWER:
      when i installed petrochemical roofing i was certified by the manufacturer. i followed the rules and i wasn’t allowed to install under 40 degrees. roofers know the work is much sloppier in the cold anyways. the asphalt becomes brittle and the nails blow through. most guys in that line of work aren’t known for having that kind of integrity though. as far as i know i was the only contractor that shut down every winter (except for repairs) in se michigan.

    Who should I go with for Roofing Installation?
    Need a new roof just wanted some input, Home Depot, Lowes or Sears.

    • ANSWER:
      Of the 3 choices you quoted,…. none.. If you contract through a storefront you pay for the privilege. (you pay two companies)

      Let your fingers do the walking and search the yellow pages in your locale; choose the roofing company with the most experience and/or the best customer referrals. By contracting just the roofer you pay just the roofer.

    what is the best way to keep sheets of roofing tin from sawtoothing during installation?

    • ANSWER:
      Make sure the first sheet is square with the eave or ridge line. If the roof isn’t square to start with there isn’t much you can do except try to move each sheet a bit on one end of the side overlap. Corrugated roofing is more forgiving in this respect than the v type.

    Has anyone had bad experiences with Home Depot Installation Services especially on flat Roofing jobs?

    • ANSWER:
      SteveG has a very valid point. For referrence why not Google “complaints against Home Depot”. The list is endless. My experiences with them and subsequent threatened lawsuit took 24 weeks to resolve on a kitchen install. Try living without a kitchen for 1/6 of that time nevermind 24 weeks. They are ok for something you can walk out of the store with under your arm…….the rest……not so much

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roofing installation

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