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Roofers in Michigan

If you need a new roof or a repair on any type of roofing Shape Inc is the name you can trust
A name you can trust
When it comes to roofing in Michigan. There is only one name you can trust. You maybe asking whoc Sharpe Roofing is the best in the bussiness and is a roofing brand you can trust. Contact the Michigan roofers today.
The History
They have been in the roofing business since 1991. You can see the Michigan Roofers recent work online. You can also request a qoute from the roofers in Michigan in under 30 seconds.

This roofing company is the best name in Michigan roofing. They have done a lot of work thoughout the Metro Detroit area. They are the top roofing company in MI.

Some of their commercial work includes:
Bethesda church in Sterling Hts MI.Priority community bank.GFM corporation.Pet supplies plus.
The list goes on but just to name a few Michigan roofing jobs. They do excellent work and as mention before you can go to there website to view more pictures of jobs they have completed.

You could also look at new Michigan roofing jobs that they have done. is a great resource for IB Roofing systems in MI. Find out what they can do for you!
Roofing Decisons
A roof from Sharpe Inc is a great decison, and your money will be well spent on a top quality roofing system. Doesn’t matter if you choice to do your residental roof or a commercial roof. Sharpe roofing stands for more than a sharp roof they stand behind their products and brand.

They put their name into every job they do. And they put their customer first. Which you don’t see that now a days with roofing company’s.
In Closing
You know you have the right roofers, when you call Sharpe Roofing. No one stand behind their roofs like Sharpe does.

So if you are looking for a new roof and want a job well done with a brand you can trust. Sharpe roofing is the Michigan roofing company that stand behind their products and services for life.

About the author: Want a good roof with a great warrantyc But don’t know where to startc Visit the Roofers in Michigan to request a quote today!


Frequently Asked Questions

    What should roofers do to protect landscaping from rubble damage?
    My next door neighbors are having a new roof put on their home. The falling rubble is destroying my landscaping -it’s a foot deep on my property, stretching 20 feet from the house next door onto my property. What, if anything, are professional roofers supposed to be doing to protect other peoples’ property from damage? I’ve lost a whole garden so far.

    • ANSWER:
      They should have placed plywood shields over landscaping to protect it.

    Is it okay to take a shower while roofers are working on the roof?
    Probably the stupidest question of the day, but is it okay for someone to take a shower when roofers are working right above that area? Is it okay to use the bathroom’s vent fan? I don’t want to interrupt their work at all.

    • ANSWER:
      Depends, do you have a skylite window into the bathroom? The fan won’t bother them, seeing you naked might scare them off the roof.

    Where can I post a free ad to hire experienced roofers for a small roofing business in Lexington Kentucky?
    Where can I post a free ad to hire experienced roofers for a small roofing business in Lexington Kentucky?

    • ANSWER:

    Will roofers get offended if I am talking to two or three at once?
    I am working on buying a house. It needs some urgent roof work, so I want to schedule the work to start as soon as possible after closing. That means getting the bids before I own the house, which means arranging an appointment with both my real estate agent and the seller.

    If I schedule three different roofers to come at once, are they going to get in each others’ way, get offended that they aren’t there exclusively, etc? Or is it just part of the business?

    • ANSWER:
      It is inconsiderate to schedule them together and most contractors will just leave. It may also prevent you from getting a competitive quote; they could even conspire to agree you need all new flashings or whatever. Roofing contractors do not need anyone to be present for an estimate, you only need to inform the seller (through the realtor) who will be there and when. The estimates can be emailed to you.

    Legally, what is the earliest in the morning roofers are allowed to set foot on your property?
    I work nights, and my landlord is getting the roof replaced. The roofers show up at 7:30 and set up their ladders outside my bedroom window. I’ve explained the situation and asked them if they can wait till 9 and they agreed. The next day they are back setting up at 7:30 and starting at 8. What time do they legally have to wait to start?
    I live in Massachusetts and it’s already been 4 days

    • ANSWER:
      This is for Boston. Your city may have a different ordinance.

      16-26.4 Regulation of Construction Hours.

      No erection, demolition, alteration, or repair of any building and excavation in regard thereto, except between the hours of 7:00 am. and 6:00 p.m., on weekdays or except in the interest of public safety or welfare, upon the issuance of and pursuant to a permit from the commissioner, Inspectional Services Department, which permit may be renewed far one or mom periods of not exceeding one week each.

      (Ord. 1984 c. 10 §1 (354c); Ord. 1991 c. 5 § 38)

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