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Bucks County Roofing – Hiring a Roofer in Bucks County PA

So, you have decided to hire a roofer. Here are many steps to ensure you hire the right roofer/roofing contractor.

Seven Steps to Follow when Hiring a Roofer in Bucks County or Anywhere:
1. Decide what type of roofing you want. Are you looking for asphalt shingles or woodc Or is slate more your stylec Your decision will depend largely on the style of your home and your budget.
2. Contact several roofing contractors. Ask the builder, as well as friends and neighbors, for recommendations. If you’re having difficulty locating contractors, try contacting the local builders association to see if it can suggest someone.
3. Have the contractors come out and quote prices on the project. Provide access to the property and make sure all the contractors are bidding on the same type of roofing (such as a specific grade of asphalt shingles).
4. Make sure the roofers are including the removal of old roofing in their bids. (Note that it’s not always necessary to remove the existing roof when installing a new one.)
5. Find out if each roofer has experience with the type of roofing you’re installing. Most roofers have asphalt-shingle experience, but wood and slate roofing are specialties. If you’re installing an expensive wood or slate roof, you’ll want a contractor who has experience in this area. Ask to see pictures of prior projects.
6. Ask for references and check them out. Are the previous customers happy with the work that was done for themc
7. Execute a contract for the work specifying cost, payment schedule, materials to be used, start date and completion date. Try to minimize the deposit you pay to the contractor prior to the start of the work or delivery of materials.


Finding a qualified professional roofer can seem like a difficult task, but if you do your homework and follow a few tips, the experience can be a positive one:

– You want someone who has good experience and can show you three to five roofs that they have done recently. – Make sure that you like the work they have done.
– As far as warranties, most contactors will warranty a roof for about three to five years.
– However, this is not nearly as important as the reputation and experience of the contractor. The warranty will only be good if the reputation of the roofing contractor is good. Make sure you are comfortable with the contractor who is building your roof.
– Is there 24 hour emergency help available if neededc
– Does the company perform all installations according to the manufactures specifications or the old fashioned wayc If they don’t, your warranty will be voided by the manufacturer.


There are several credentials that a good roofing contractor will have:

– First, they will have an established company with a permanent address, telephone numbers, and a business license.
– You can even request to see the company’s financial statements.
– Next, the roofer should be able to provide information about certifications, training, bonding, and insurance. It is very important that a roofing contractor have valid insurance.
– They should carry both worker’s compensation insurance and general liability insurance. Otherwise the homeowner could be liable for any property damage or accidents that occur during the job.
– Don’t be afraid to ask for proof of insurance and be sure to verify that the dates are effective.
– Your state’s licensing commission or agency can answer any questions about the requirements they have for bonding and licensing. Many states will even provide verification of an individual roofing contractor’s licensing.
– It is a good idea to also check with your Better Business Bureau to make sure no complaints have been filed against the proposed roofing company.
– A professional roofing contractor should provide you with a detailed written estimate that describes the materials they will use, labor costs, warranty specifications, and an estimated time of completion.
– It’s a good idea to get at least three bids on a large project such as replacing your roof.
– The lowest price does not always equal the best deal. Significantly lower prices could mean that a contractor is cutting corners with the quality of his workers or insurance liability.
– You should expect to pay an up-front deposit of 10% or ,000, whichever is less. The final payment should be made after satisfactory completion of the project.
– A professional roofing contractor will provide you with a contract that describes all the agreements and procedures in detail and provides information about necessary building permits. The contractor should take care of obtaining any building permits that are required.

Compiling a List of Roofing Contractors

In order to compile a list of potential roofing contractors:
– Consult your local phone book, service directory, or the National Roofing Contractor’s Association.
– Visit The NRCA’s website (, which lists professional roofers by region.
– As with any service provider, the best way to locate a quality roofer is to ask friends, neighbors, and co-workers for recommendation.
– Consult the Better Business Bureau.
– Get in touch with your local chamber of commerce for qualified candidates
– Search via Google or other search engine by putting in your city/area and the term “roofing”. You can also add “residential”, “commercial” or industrial to the search.
– Ask your neighbors who completed the work for them and if they are satisfied with the work.

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Frequently Asked Questions

    How does a roofer know where a leak is?
    If plaster is moist and paint is popping off my ceiling, How does a roofer determine where the water is coming in and which roofing shingles need to be replaced? How expensive should this be?

    • ANSWER:
      you need to get into the attic with the light offand look for pin holes. look around for water damage with the lights on. check the roof for broken shingles or just worn out shingles,flashing etc. Price is based on the problem so it is best to call someone for a free estimate and listen to what they have to say. get estimates from 3 contractor’s to start and go from there you may have to call 6 contractors to actually get 3 estimates and if they don’t call back don’t use them just move on to the next one. Good luck.

    When looking for a slate roofer, what are good questions to ask to evaluate their competence?
    And also, how do I know that they are bonded and insured; they might SAY that they are, but how do I really know? Any and all information greatly appreciated; would love to hear from a roofer. Thanks!

    • ANSWER:
      Ray K – good answer! I had a roofer tell me that I should replace my slate roof with asphalt shingles because the nails would just rust out.

      I had experience working with ceramic roof tiles before, and we always used copper nails. I wondered if they had stopped making them until I found them at Home Depot. Needless to say, I didn’t call him back.

    Have you recommendations for experienced roofer in Concord, NH area?
    Need a roofer that does first-rate work and has satisfied clients willing to asses his/her work as referrals and cleans up afterwards. Plain three-tab composition shingles.

    • ANSWER:
      My girlfriend just got a very reasonable quote for a roof in Salem, NH. I can’t speak for the quality of his work, but you can check his references. Please call 603-893-5976 and ask for Joe. He can give you the name of the roofer. They got three quotes and this guy had the best price. They are smart shoppers and this might be a great guy to have the work done. Like I said………you can always check his references.
      Good Luck

    What are the reasons for a roofer to take measurements inside the house?
    I’m just curious, I don’t know anything about roofing, and was wondering why the roofer would need to take measurements inside of the house.
    see thats what I figured but my wife on the other hand feels that is a necessary part of his job, of in which I don’t.

    • ANSWER:
      Roofing is sold by the square 10’x10′. there is no reason for him to come inside the house because the slope of the roof determines how many squares it takes. Are you sure he is reliable? Is he bonded? it sounds as if he was just nosing around to see what you have in your house. Be careful.

    A roofer requires 8 h to shingle a roof. After the roofer and an apprentice work on a roof for 4 h, the roofer?
    A roofer requires 8 h to shingle a roof. After the roofer and an apprentice work on a roof for 4 h, the roofer moves on to another job. The apprentice requires 9 more hours to finish the job. How long would it take the apprentice, working alone, to do the job?

    • ANSWER:

      4 . . . 4 . . .9
      —- + —- + —– = 1
      8 . . .x . . . x

      Multiply by the LCD of 8x. Then solve.

      4x + 32 + 72 = 8x

      4x + 104 = 8x

      104 = 4x

      x = 26

      The apprentice could do the job alone in 26 hours. <==ANSWER I hope that helps!! 🙂

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