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Marietta Discount Roofing has one of the most competent  roof repair and leak diagnosis teams in Georgia. We have developed a work team capable of repairing the most difficult to find leaks. We offer Roofing Repair in Marietta $100 OFF at Marietta Discount Roofing 404-586-4686quick response time, professionalism, exceptional arranties, and fair pricing and we can give you the peace of mind that you have chosen the right company for the job. Yes, from minor missing shingles, to re-flashing entire chimneys and walls, no job is too small or too large. We offer free estimatesa and we guarantee that you know all your options up front.

storm damage roof repair $100 OFF Marietta Diacount Roofing 404-586-4686The sources of leaks are often a result of the original construction of the roof, which means they are buried under roofing material and are not always obvious. Our team trace the leak to its source and present multiple options to try and eliminate possible leak sources, always in a logical and cost effective manner. Call 404-586-4686 for a free estimate.

From missing shingles to cracked pipe boots, Marietta Discount Roofing can repair your roof to help it last as long as possible.  Wen focus on using the best roofing materials and methods available to solve your roofing needs. Here are just some of the standard repairs we offer:

  • Wall and chimney flashing
  • Ridge vents
  • Power fans
  • Missing shingles
  • Gutter repairs
  • Cracked pipe boots
  • Valley Leaks
  • Chimney caps and pans
  • Skylights
  • Soffit and Fascia repairs
  • Storm Damage

Hail Damage Repair $100 OFF at Marietta Discount Roofing 404-586-4686A roof leak can be caused by a defect of the roofing material, or a defective original installation. It can also be caused by problems with siding material above the roof line, windows above the roof line, an incorrect gutter installation, even a defective chimney pan or cap. The real challenge in repairing a leak is finding its source. It starts on the outside and ends up inside on ceilings, walls, and floors; but the pathway between where it starts and where it ends is the problem, because it is invisible, hidden under the shingles, felt or plywood. Herein lies the challenge.

There are a number of ways to repair a roof leak.

One way is to replace the roof over the area where the leak is occurring. This should also include any walls or windows near the area of the leak, as these could also be the culprit. This is pretty drastic approach, and is certain to stop the leak, having just replaced everything remotely close to it. Unfortunately, it is also very expensive, and probably unnecessary.

It can be done in a much more economical way, and it is this approach that we offer to our customers. It is the approach of using the process of elimination, where our technicians search for obvious and visible defects and causes of leaks, such as holes, torn or missing shingles, defective flashings, broken seals and incorrect connections between the roof and penetrations. Once we have identified the defect, our technicians ompletes the repairs, thus eliminating these defects as a source of leak. Usually the repairs eliminate the leak, and the job is successfully completed at a fraction of the cost of the drastic surefire approach, described above.

Sometimes, even after repairing such obvious defects, the leak may still persist, which if all previous repairs have been done correctly, indicate that the leak is coming from some non obvious invisible hidden source. An example of this would be a hole or a tear under a shingle, which cannot be seen. To find this would require the painstaking job of lifting each and every shingle to see what lies beneath. Having previously eliminated the obvious, additional and more complicated investigative work now needs to be done to both find the source, and to repair it.

If the hidden source of the leak is discovered and the additional repairs correct the problem, the cost of all the repairs, the obvious and visible, as well as the hidden, are still likely to be less than the total replacement of the entire roof, window and wall area, that the drastic approach requires for the certain elimination of leaks

All defects should be fixed, just in case they are a source of leak for the immediate problem, or some problem that will occur in the future. To more easily use your current tub or shower, check out bathtub refinishing alexandria va for more details.

I hope this gives your an idea of what’s involved in making a lead repair.  Our objective is always to make the repair at the lowest possible cost to you.

Give us a call at 404-586-4686 and claim your Roof Leak Repiar $100 Discount at Marietta Discount Roofing.

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