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by Fred on November 19, 2012

roof installation

Does Your Ann Arbor Roofing Contractor Use Staples or Roofing Nailsc

When planning for a new roof for your Ann Arbor home, there are a number of things to consider, large and small. The integrity of the contractor you hire is one of the biggest factors to consider. Roofing is a dangerous job and there are many things that can go wrong if the contractor you hire cuts corners or doesnt know what he or she is doing.

Sometimes asking the simplest questions about materials and protocol and help you understand the whether a contractor is a good fit for your project or not. Inform yourself about the materials used in roofing so you can make an informed choice when it comes to planning your project.
Even though most knowledgeable Ann Arbor roofing contractors have been following this protocol for years, we still get the question, ‘What is the right fastener to put roofing shingles onc’ There’s still a conversation about staples vs. nails.

Whats the difference and why should you carec Well you should care, theres a big difference. Staples are an inferior fastening system. They wont hold up over the test of time. Wind driven rains will push a staple right through a shingle. And then the shingles will be on the lawn instead of the roof where they need to be. So we always use nails. Nails are the right fastener to install shingles, and the only one we’ve ever considered using.

Be sure to check with the roofing contractors you interview determine what they will use to attach your new roof. It makes a big difference in the durability of your roofing job.

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Frequently Asked Questions

    Roof Installation???
    how much does it cost in labor for roof shingle installation?? Its a normal pitch roof…

    • ANSWER:
      .00 a square foot

    How much should 23 Square Roof Installation Cost with Tear Down?
    A roof installation with Tear Down, 23 Squares, standard 25 year shingles, and 15 pound felt paper?
    What is a fair price?


    • ANSWER:
      23 square is not a very big roof. Depending on where you live, there’s a HUGE difference in labor & material costs. Act now though- shingles are going up due to oil prices rising. If you can get it all done for by a licensed/bonded roofing company for under 4-5K take it.

    Any one know the correct underlayment over plywood to use for metal roof installation?
    I am tearing a shingle roof of of my home and want to install metal. I see many different suggestions for underlayment on google. to many to pick from. I need an answer from some one that actually installs metal roofing please?

    • ANSWER:
      A high-temperature resistance, self-adhering modified-asphalt membrane is a great choice; however you must have sufficient ventilation below the roof deck or you can have condensation problems. Depending on the manufacturer of the membrane and roofing panels, you may also need a slip sheet between the top of the modified asphalt membrane and underside of the roof panels (to prevent binding and buckling of the panels). If you are installing an exposed fastener metal panel roof system, I would insure you have proper ventilation and go with a self-adhering modified-asphalt membrane.

      On standard to steep slopes, synthetic underlayment is a good choice. Depending on where you live, you may need, at minimum, a combination of a self-adhering modified asphalt (along the downslope edges, in valleys, around penetrations) and synthetic underlayment (everywhere else).

      #30 asphalt-saturated felt is still an acceptable underlayment for metal roofing; however I do not recommend.

      I would also check with the manufacturer of the roofing panels. Most metal roofing panel manufacturers manufacture or private label underlayments intended to be used with their roofing panel. They will most likely have a self-adhering modified-asphalt membrane and a synthetic underlayment felt.

    Who do I turn to regarding faulty roof installation?
    I bought my house and decided to have my roofer inspect the roof.
    This is what he found.. Rusting nails visable and not caulked, facia board not covered, nails rusty and close to transitions, rusty nails not pounded down and damaging shingles laid above them, broken shingles all over roof, shingles with nail holes in them, and shingles nailed down over other shingles as if to cover a problem. This is occuring over the entire house. I do not have any leaks as yet but fully expect that to occur within 3 years. This roof could not have passed inspection but apparently did. Outside of contacting legal representation who can I turn to. I allready went back to the builder who had someone come back and told me that they had fixed all the problems which was obviously not the case. I have pictures.

    • ANSWER:
      Your “Town Hall” should have an office with proper authority for your problem within it.

    Opinion on price of home roof installation of Bryant 574DNWA30060?
    I received an estimate for replacement of old unit and installation and unit for 00 for a roof installation using a crane, some reconfiguring of duct, since the old unit was Goodman, new unit is Bryant 13 SEER “Legacy” 574DNWA30060, the unit is offered at 00. Is this a competitive quote?

    • ANSWER:
      Are you replacing the heat pump and the air handler? Or just the heat pump? If it’s just the heat pump, that’s an insane price. If it’s both, that’s pretty sweet.

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roof installation

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