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by Fred on March 29, 2013

roof cleaning

Non-Pressure Roof Cleaning


“What are those stains on my roofc”This is a question that over 80% of the residents on theeast coast states ask themselves when they pull into their driveway. What you’re looking at is a form of algae know as Gloeocapsa Magmawhich is cariied through the air from roof to roof where it lands and feeds off of the limestone filler used in the manufacturing process of your shingles. If let go, this algae will continue to spread and slowly eat away at your shingles, leaving potential areas that water can infiltrate and slowly destroy the structural integrity of your roof foundation, This could lead to major repair costs.

This algae is not only unattractive, but it is also costing you money in energy by not allowing your shingles to reflect the sun’s ray’s as it is supposed to do. This makes your attic warmer, which results in higher cooling cost since your air conditioner is run stronger to cool downyour home.

The good news about this is, you do not need to replace your shingles. With our Non Pressure Cleaning System we can safely remove those dark stains without the damaging force of a pressure washer. Never let anyone on your roofthat plans on using a pressure washer, as it will cause more damage thanthe algae itself. We practice safe roof cleaningand use products recommended by the Asphalt Roofing Manufacturers Association. With periodicmaintenance, we can makesure your roof looks brandnew for the full life of your shingles.

I you are a realtor or in the process of selling your home, this service could save you thousand’s. Think about it, a potential buyer walks up to your home, the first thing they see is the roof. The immmediate thinking of the potential buyer is “A new roof will cost me,000 to ,000”. This is going to automatically reduce their offer price by this amount. So by using our service we can save you thousand’s. It’s that simple! A clean roof will stand out on a street full of stained one’s. You clean up and fix all of the other cosmetic’s when it’s time to sell, why not clean the area that will be viewed as on of the biggest expenses.

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Frequently Asked Questions

    Roof cleaning?
    Has anyone had their roof cleaned to remove Moss from the roof tiles , is this, a good idea to have high powered water jet spray to accomplish this removal, it does seem extreme and messy does it harm the tiles?, can you recommend any company that does this work =insurance backed=
    thanks to all who replied up to now, aother question how much would a new tiled roof cost on an average house of normal size Just a guide figure please

    • ANSWER:
      leave it alone, it harms nothing and it will come back anyway

    Roof cleaning next door has made my windows, drive and cars filthy. Who is liable for the cleaning?
    I live in a Semi Detactched house and last week next door had there roof tiles cleaned. This has left my cars, windows and porch roof filthy! Do you think I will be able to contact the company to get them to do somthing about it?

    • ANSWER:
      Yes I suggest that you contact the company. If you get no joy fom them then go to your neighbour – he employed them and he has a joint responsibility to clean up.

      BTW if they offer to do yours free or at a reduced rate don’t go for it. These treatments are done with a pressure washer and these can damage the tiles particularly old clay tiles.

    do it your self roof cleaning can you use bleach?
    are there products around the house you can use to clean your roof

    • ANSWER:
      I recently cleaned a roof with Zinsser Jomax House Cleaner and Mildew Killer. You mix it with water and bleach and spray it from one of those pump type sprayers. Then I used a broom to gently brush it into the shingles. I found that if you spray it on the roof then lightly sprinkle it with fresh water, it brushes much easier. Then let it sit for 30 min or so and rinse off. It actually looks better the next day.

    Any suggestions for do it yourself roof shingle cleaning?
    I have lichen, black algae and moss on my roof and chimney Does anyone know of any products or home made remedies? Thanks!

    • ANSWER:
      the basic solution if one part bleach and five parts water.
      Use pressure washer on the chimney then seal the brick, stone, stucco or whatever with a sealant.
      NOTE: Do not use pressure washer on the roofing material unless on low pressure like the hose.
      you can still use the upper solution for the roofing but roofing supply houses have a roof cleaning solvent that they sell which is called ShingleClean. Read the instructions prior to buying and using.

    My Business is Johnny’s Painting & Roof Cleaning I’d like to know where is the best places to advertise ?
    I recently had customers in Brandon but now I live in Lutz area but will still travel to Brandon if I had to for a big job. Knowing that are gas prices are getting more expensive each day. Should I tried the fliers to the residence or just go to a Realtor office? Please let me know. Thanks!

    • ANSWER:
      Flyers are great, be sure to list your services, free estimates, bonded and licensed.
      Business cards are a must, too.
      Here’s another idea–
      Magnetic signs and, better, a vinyl wrap for your vehicle. They aren’t very expensive, in the long run, and it turns your vehicle into a mobile billboard. Every time you’re in traffic, someone will read it (best if you have something on the back of your vehicle-short & sweet), whenever you park your vehicle, people see it.
      Now here’s the trick, park your vehicle where you want to get business! In busy parking lots, by the entrance/exit or intersection. In or around the neighborhood you want to work in or the office/commercial area, so it appears you already have business there!
      There’s more about what to put on your sign and marketing ideas here…..

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