Roll Roofing

by Fred on March 30, 2013

roll roofing

Tiki Thatch, Tiki Thatching, Tiki Roof Thatch

Tiki Thatch, Tiki Thatching, Tiki Roof Thatch

Are you looking for an easy and affordable way to make your tiki bar look authenticc Tired of pulling off a tropical appearance that just doesn’t make the gradec Roll up those shirt sleeves and get prepared to install a roll or two of tiki thatch. The straw, heather, and palm leaf combination gives your newest outdoor addition a true island appeal.

Tiki thatch acts as insulation on hot summer days and traps heat during the winter months. It is considered one of the oldest building materials in the world. Tiki thatch’s all natural blend appeals to environmentally-friendly types that are extremely aware of the global impact of the decisions that they make. Born entertainers and emerging hipsters can create their own tropical paradise in the comfort of their own backyards with the easy-to-install material. Available to purchase in a variety of styles, a person can customize the look of their tiki hut in one afternoon.

Tiki thatch is designed to be both affordable and attractive. In today’s economic times, it pays to do your homework. A tiki hut with a roof made of authentic tiki thatch is a true investment that is sure to deliver a number of smiles throughout the years. Invite your neighbors over for a backyard barbecue and watch in amazement as you instantly become the talk of the town.

You do not have to spend a fortune to entertain. A little creativity goes a long way when you use tiki thatch as part of your outdoor dcor. Rolls come in different sizes which makes covering your tiki bar’s roof easy. Primitive masks can be hung up around the bar to give it even more flair. Inexpensive decorations can be ordered online or picked up at a party supply store. Do-It-Yourself types can make table decorations to match the tiki thatch. A few simple supplies collected from Mother Nature will most likely do the trick.

Grab a friend or two and enjoy a cold drink after installing the tiki thatch. A colorful paper umbrella and slice of pineapple will help you to get into a tropical mood. A lot of fun can be had once you have taken the time to prepare your backyard for your next get-together or celebration. You don’t even need an excuse to invite people over to see your handiwork. All you have to do is take a few pictures and post them online. Your friends and neighbors will be beating down your door in hopes of getting a closer look of your newly added tiki thatch.

Call up your closest friends and throw a pool party. Serve refreshments from the comfort of your tiki hut. Encourage your guests to soak up some rays and then cool themselves under the thatch. A long day of sun and fun does wonders to help relax a person. Your comrades will be thanking you for the passport-free piece of paradise that you have just offered them.

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Frequently Asked Questions

    What is the linear coverage (length) of a roll of double coverage roll roofing material?
    How many feet long is a roll of double coverage roofing material?

    • ANSWER:
      One roll of this product (also called 19″ selvedge, duplex, or half-lap roofing) will cover 50 sq ft. Technically speaking, this means the roll is 35′ 4″ long. The rolls are usually a couple of inches long.

      Keep in mind that the material is 36″ wide and actually laps 19″ — just a bit more than half, so you only get 17″ of coverage per run.

    How do i seam roll roofing under existing shingle? NO STUPID ANSWERS?
    I am re doing my porch roof that is flat with new roll roofing but the roof of the house meets the deck with shingle overlapping the roll roofing. How do i put new roll roofing without ripping up the shingle?

    • ANSWER:
      You slide in up under the shingles before you attach it down to the flat roof.

    I have a flat roof addition. The roof has roll roofing on top thats old and 2×6 rafters. The room is 15×15.?
    Can I remove the roll roofing and put 1/2 inch fiber insulation board and a rubber roof(epdm, firestone,john mansville)? I just wanted to make sure the weight would be supported. It has a drywall ceiling underneath.

    • ANSWER:
      Let me address the fact that you have a 15′ ft. span with 2×6 rafters. That is a bit of a stretch for 2×6. I would be very careful about how much more weight you add to this.

    Will roll roofing last as long as normal shingles ?
    On a peeked roof why or why not use roll roofing ?

    • ANSWER:
      Not even close in many climates, not in my experience. It’s much thinner than shingles and doesn’t have as much mineral on it. Many shingles are supposed to last 30 years. Rolled roofing, 10 years if you’re very lucky. Less if you’re not. I’ve had it last 10 years on a garden shed, less than 5 when it was put on over shingles as an el cheapo roof replacement when what the roof really needed was re-shingling.

    I need to have my roof reroofed with roll roofing,how much does it normally cost for the labor alone?
    It is a flat roof of about 3,000 sq ft.It has exsisting roll roof,should I have it removed?

    • ANSWER:
      USA Due to the high workers compensation insurance rate for roofers, a good, reputable roofing contractor needs to charge at least 5 to 0 per day per person. That does not include profit margin or equipment costs or anything else.

      Yes, have the old roof material removed if it is uneven, buckled, heaved, etc… If it is still pretty smooth, you can go over it with insulation and rubber roofing or (yuk) roll roofing. The higher the R value the insulation is, the more $ you will save on heating and cooling, but it will cost more to install. Roll roofing is not a good system for a flat roof, unless you tar the bejeepers out of it, and make sure you follow the manufacturer’s directions regarding overlaps. A flat roof will require a lot more material for roll roofing than a rubber roof. Roll roofing is ok for a sloped roof.

      A good roof is extremely important to the well being and maintenance of a building. Don’t be cheap – a poorly installed roof will cost you thousands of dollars in higher heating/cooling bills, and leak repairs.

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roll roofing

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