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by Fred on August 17, 2012

metal roof

What You Need to Learn About Metal Roof Flashing

A house with stable roofing will not be a hassle to the homeowners. If you want quality roofing, you may want to consider having metal roofing installed at home. Metals are sturdier and more durable than other types of roofing. However, you can protect your home better if you have roof flashing made out of metals. This is slowly gaining popularity among homeowners because of its advantages.

Function of Roof Flashing
Metal roof flashing is meant to protect the interiors of the house from the different conditions brought about by the changing weather. The house will be safe from the damage that might be caused by wind, heat, cold, rain and snowfall. Roof flashing is best used to keep water off your house, especially that this is among the most difficult elements to stop. This is a piece of metal that is installed between the wall of your house and the roof. Some owners replace the use of roof flashing by having a triangular roof instead. Roof flashing works with gravity as part of the design. Even if it rains, water does not get accumulated on the roof because it slides directly to the ground through the slop in the roof. This is necessary to avoid damaging the roof easily as water gets deposited on top of it for a long time. Damaged roof may lead to leakage, which can cause you an even bigger problem.

Things to Consider Before Installation
Installing metal roof flashing is best done by a professional. This will assure you that the metal slop is installed perfectly to avoid future problems with your roof. Always remember that a mistake in installing the roof flashing may cause damage to the roof and eventually, to your house. Before installing roof flashing, there are certain things to consider:

• Roof design. This is one of the biggest factors to think about to install the right flashing that matches the size and shape of the roof. Proper assessment of the roof can only be done by experienced professionals.

• Location. Find the location of the leak in the roof because this can help you choose the right flashing to use. There are certain types of roof flashing that is ideal for certain conditions of the roof. Step flashing, for instance, can be installed between the chimneys or dormers and roof decks, while vally flashing is used on the part of intersection between two roof planes.

• Materials. The main function of roof flashing is to prevent leakage so it should have quality roofing metals. In fact, these should last longer than the roof.

• Flashing details. Study the details of the installation, such as how the roofing should be positioned and what its condition is before installation.

• Roofing cement. Quality roofing cement is necessary to help avoid leakage after the installation of the roof flashing.

The biggest benefit from metal roof flashing is that it can prevent the damage that water can make as it stays in the roof or gets into the house. Flashing prevent leakage by letting the water pass through a gutter system that keeps the water off the roof tiles. This installation can also lengthen the life span of the roof and adjacent walls. Roof flashing is low maintenance especially if you buy one that is of high quality and thus, does not get easily flaked, burned cracked, peels, and breaks.

If you have observed a leak in your roof, consider the installation of metal roof flashing as quickly as possible

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Frequently Asked Questions

    Is it safe to walk on a metal roof of a metal building?
    I’m looking to buy a metal warehouse building. The walls and roof are dirty and need cleaning. While the structure is plenty sound, I’m wondering how safe it is to walk on the roof. I was wondering if all metal roofs are built strong enough to support a person walking on it.
    For other types of roofs in colder climates, building codes specify a load capacity to hold up under snow. Here in Houston, such support does not apply. As the roof itself is very light, it doesn’t need to be very strong to shed off rain.

    • ANSWER:
      i’ve done a lot of work on metal roofs, and i have only came across 1 that was too thin to walk on. it wasn’t that it wouldn’t support me either, (230lbs) it just bent, and dented when i walked on it. this just simply made it look ugly… feel a corner or edge if you can find one. if you can bend it easily with your fingers, it’s too thin, but if it’s quite rigid, and you can’t bend it without plyers, it should hold up to your boots!

      not sure where you are, but where i am, we are starting to get frost. take EXTRA care on those metal roofs during this coming winter season!

    How much should a metal roof cost for a 1200 square foot low pitch house?
    I live in central Louisiana and am in dire need of a new roof. I plan on obtaining a metal roof when I get my funds in order. I was wondering how much I should be saving. Any round about answer would be great. I really have no idea.

    • ANSWER:
      It really depends what kind of metal roof you use. the cheapest galvanized, corrugated steel may run 0 – 0 just for the steel sheets. Most people use this stuff on sheds or barns though. They use higher priced metal on houses. And you don’t say whether you will install it or if you plan to pay someone to do it for you.

    How much difference will a black metal roof versus a white metal roof make in my energy costs?
    I have a 2200 sq ft mobile home and am replacing a shingle roof. I really prefer the darker color metal, but am scared of a soaring electric bill! Will the color make that big of a difference? I live in East Texas and we have pretty hot summers.

    • ANSWER:
      Color is very important. Basically a white roof is almost as good as being shaded. In easy to understand numbers, the white roof is worth about 10°F compared to a black roof.

    What is used to tuck under roof shingles when adding a metal patio cover?
    What is used to tuck under roof shingles when adding a metal patio cover with ridges on it? So obviously I cannot tuck the metal roofing with ridges under the roof shingles so is there a certain metal that they sale to tuck under the roof shingles and take shape of metal roofing also? If so what is it called? I seen the metal that they use for ridges on metal roofs but that has a hump on it and dont think that is what is used in my case.. Please post..

    • ANSWER:
      Generally the recommended solution is a two part system:

      1. A “L” shaped metal transition flashing that goes under the shingles and over the metal.
      2. Rubber closures that between the ribs of the metal roof, sealing it off. (These actually go down before the transition flashing.)

      Click on “Tuff-Rib / Classic Rib Installation Guide”
      See Page 10

      It works about the same except for going under shingles instead of metal roofing at the top.

    How do I calculate how many pieces of metal roofing I need for my hip roof?
    We are building a house in South America. It is 47ft x 30 ft and will have a hip roof (8 or 10 ft. pitch). We are trying to figure out how much metal roofing we will need to cover it. Does anyone know of an online calculator or website where I can input the dimensions and it tell me how much metal roofing we will need? Or at least the dimensions of each of the sides of the hip roof? Thanks!

    • ANSWER:
      according to roof plan all the valleys and narrow section plus end of the roof edges all around and any connection to the wall if there’s any ,need to be sealed by metal roof .If roof is a simple gamble roof only end roof edges and top of the roof on the ridge board.

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