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by Fred on April 1, 2013

gaf roofing

How does GAF’s payment system workc

GetaFreelancer is a very popular site for freelancers and for clients. A lot of Projects for web designer, software programmer, writer, and IT services are available on GAF. For freelance writer, there is more than enough work for you to find. Anyone who wants to work from home, part or full time, have the opportunity here to find some good projects.

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There are many reasons why GAF is very popular among freelancer, one reason is the secure payment system. It protects the emplyer as well as the emplyee. No one needs to work for nothing, a payment is to 99% secured. A few things might confuse you when you are new to GetaFreelancer.

When you create your GAF account, whether as a freelance or an employer, you automatically get a GAF bank account for yourself. This account is linked to your profile and your password, but not to any external banking system. You begin to place bids on GAF and the time will come, that one of your bids is accepted. When this happens you will find your GAF account goes into minus if you haven’t deposit money before. Because there are no membership fees at GetaFreelancer when you join it, the site makes their money by taking a commission from you for every job you get. However, if you upgrade your account to Gold Status’, it costs you monthly, but you will only pay a commision of 3%, which is very little compared to other sites.

You have to negotiate with the emplyer how he is going to pay you. Some will put the money into escrow account on their own. Other pay on a weekly or monthly basis. Another option is milestone payment, this works as followed: The payment is split into two or more parts. When reaching one level at the project, one payment part will be released into your account. If there are problems regarding the payment, you may contact the support team. The support is very quick and kind at the same time.

Whether or not you choose to use Milestone payments, when you have completed your project and submitted it to your employer, he or she will transfer money into your GAF account. At that time you will also receive an email that announces the transfer of money. The balance of your account will be the payment minus the initial GAF commission. For instance, a bid on a project takes out a commission, leaving you with a GAF bank balance of . This money will stay securely in your GAF account as long as you want it to. You can use this money to pay further commission fees or to pay others who are doing work contracted out by you.

When you are ready to withdraw money from GAF, there are many different options from which to choose. You may want to sign up for a GAF debit card, sponsored by Master Card, which lets you spend from your GAF account like a checking account. You can also choose to directly transfer money to your bank account, however that requires that you input your bank account and routing number into the GAF system. While Get a Freelancer is safe and secure, many people feel uncomfortable sharing their bank account information online. That is why GAF also offers transfers to PayPal and Moneybookers accounts, two ways for people to use their money online or transfer it to their bank accounts.

If you like to withdraw money from your GAF account, you have a few different options. One, which is rather new, you sign up for a GAF debit card. The card will be send to you within a week or so and you can withdraw your monet at any atm machine you find. Another option is direct tranfser into your bank account, and Paypal and Moneybookers. What ever option you choose – the fee is always small and a quick transfer ist guaranteed.

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Frequently Asked Questions

    what is the best roofing shingles certanteed or gaf?
    i am having a new roof put on in 2 weeks what else should i ask to get a good job done

    • ANSWER:
      Will it be torn off or roofed over old?
      If torn off ,require your roofer to install at least 15# felt.
      Are roof vents being replaced or reused?
      Require your roofer to install drip edge,Style”D”.
      Will new flashing be used where required?
      Will new “step” and “counter” flashing be replaced on chimney if applicable.
      Will new pipe flanges be used.
      How long is the roofers warranty (not just the product but the actual work).
      When will you be starting?
      when will you be finished?
      Require the gutters to be cleaned and all old roofing material be hauled away.
      Are you licensed?
      Require the shingles to be nailed on rather than stapled.

      Can’t think of much else

    Need advice on GAF 3 tab roofing shingles (Low end)?
    My home needs a new roof and I’m able to get a good price on some base GAF roofing shingles from a local property manager.

    I’ve researched and seen that GAF had complaints with their base (cheap) shingles in the past. Has anyone had recent (5 year) experience with them?

    Are the packages marked with a date code? If they are, how do you read the code? That way I can avoid shingles from the problem prone era.

    I know I shouldn’t shop price alone for shingles, but, we are tight financially.


    • ANSWER:
      the cover [packaging] should have a manufacture date

    Ferment roofing…. steel or GAF shingle? anyone who works in roofing or has either please give input?
    I live in Florida in a 2 story house. It has a steeply pitched roof. I am going to be bringing my roof up to the new codes and both of these products qualify if properly installed. I am seeking imput to help in making my desision. The steel costs 2 – 2 1/2 times the shingle cost but if it will be better in the long run that is what I will buy.

    • ANSWER:
      GAF sells good shingles, you can get them with a warranty up to 35 years. Steel is good also, that depends on where you buy it. If you live along the coast of Florida, then you have to think about rust. Go to a salvage yard and look at an older model car, it will be rusted from the top down. Also use roof wrap instead of felt under the shingles. It does not break down like felt with age.

    Roofing experts.. pls advice me…which shingles are best ‘TIMBERLINE (GAF)’ or ‘ELK’ ?
    Expecting some valuable advice from roofing experts ,,, in order to select the quality shingles.I have 2 options in selection 1).TIMBERLINE(GAF) or

    I think 30 years warranty products are more worth for money than 40 yr or 50 yr.Waiting for your valuable advice…Thanks in advance…!!!!

    • ANSWER:

      Shingles manufactured by GAF would be my choice. We’ve put GAF shingles on 6 houses and have never had an issue. In fact, through Loews on a house last year, GAF had a factory representative come by for follow-up inspection. Now that is service.

    Which is a better brand of roof shingle – GAF Timberline 30, Tamko Heritage or IKO Cambridge 30 AR?
    My roofer has given me the option to go with either GAF Timberline 30, Tamko Heritage or IKO Cambridge 30 AR shingles. He’s pushing the IKO Cambridge 30 saying they are the thickest, but my skepticism makes me think maybe they are just the cheapest.

    Any sugeestions?
    My roofer has given me the option to go with either GAF Timberline 30, Tamko Heritage or IKO Cambridge 30 AR shingles. He’s pushing the IKO Cambridge 30 saying they are the thickest, but my skepticism makes me think maybe they are just the cheapest.

    I am paying him a flat rate for labor and supplies.

    • ANSWER:
      Both shingles should weigh about 260 lbs per square so the cambridge should not be any thicker than the Timberline. Are you paying him labor plus materials or simply by the square? Remember that it takes 4 bundles of arch. shingles to make a square. Make sure your invoice for what you are paying (total # of squares) equals what you see in your yard. This is where roofers really get ya. I would check to see if the shingles are impact resistant and algae/mold resistant. The algae is the ugly black you see on composition shingles. Impact resistant shingles will help you in a hail storm. With what ever you choose, make sure that the shingle in your yard is what you have paid for. There is not much difference in a 20 year(220 lbs per square) or 25 year(240 lbs per square) 3 tab comp shingle. I am glad to see that you have atleast gone with the arch. shingles – I believe 30 year is the lightest made — still better than 3 tab.

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gaf roofing

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