Fixing Roof Leaks

by Fred on November 25, 2012

fixing roof leaks

How Bad Is Your Water Damage And Who Do You Call To Fix It

By the time the to you have noticed the signs of water damage it has probably already been there for a while. Consider a water damaged ceiling. Water could have been reaching the backside of the drywall from a roof leak, but a slow drip can take a while to penetrate. When water penetration through the drywall occurs, this is one in you will begin to notice brown staining and water rings. Sometimes this water penetration will gravitate towards a light fixture in the ceiling or in the corners of a ceiling. By the time you notice water damage on the ceilings inside a running, there is likely to be water damage in the attic and roof as well.

If you know that you have some of this damage because you see these types of spots, try to the repairs to the ceiling and roof done as soon as possible. It will not do very much good to repair the ceiling without first repairing the roof leak. The best way to check this is to get up on your roof and check to see if you have some loose or damaged tiles or shingles any where near the damaged ceiling. It does not necessarily have to be right on top of the damage because the water can run in one direction or another. If you do find some of these places you will most likely also be able to see evidence in the attic. When it is raining steadily is a good time to go into the attic and look for leaks.

With any kind of serious water damage, it is not a good idea to try to fix it yourself. You will most likely end up with a job that is going to take a lot of time, experience, and probably money to fix. You should always leave these kinds of jobs for the professionals. They will know what has to be done. They will be able to do the whole job in a lot less time than it would take you. A licensed water damage company is usually the best choice to get a water damage issue repaired quickly and efficiently.

It is important to know that the water damage company that you engage is licensed, experienced, and insured themselves. If you are not sure which company is best for you to use, you might leave it to your insurance company to find someone reputable for you. Make sure that your home is inspected for mold as well while the company is there. Water damage often causes mold and it can travel and spread to others areas in the home if there is sufficient, warmth, water, and food for it to grow.

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Frequently Asked Questions

    How I can inspect my roof for fixing the Roof leaks?
    How I can inspect my roof for fixing the Roof leaks?

    • ANSWER:
      use a ladder climb on the roof or if you have a loft you can see it from there too

    What type of roof repair products give better results for fixing the roof leaks?
    What type of roof repair products give better results for fixing the roof leaks?

    • ANSWER:
      Depending on which type of roofing system you have, there are numerous products available. I would suggest trying Topps PRODUCTS , Polyprene. Polyprene is a heavy brush grade, fiberized rubber that can be purchased direct from Topps Products at

      Give it a try and good luck.

    Any ideas of the rough cost of fixing roof leak and gutter?
    We have a small leak in the roof that only leaks when it rains really hard (no obvious problems with the tiles) and a gutter that drips. We want to get both fixed so are going to get some quotes, but does anyone have any idea what kind of rough magnitude the cost of this work might be? Are we talking hundreds of pounds do you reckon?

    • ANSWER:
      Knowing the type of roofing would be helpful. I am going to assume its asphalt roofing. If you have a leak, Usually they can just pull up the damaged panels and replace them as well as the roofing felt. This shouldn’t be all that difficult of a job depending on the size of the damaged shingles. As for the gutter system, there could be a number of things going on there. I don’t really understand what you are saying but I will assume that some of the gutter pipes are damaged. Very easy fix. With the little bit of information you’ve provided, I would be very surprised to see a job like this exceed 0 with labor. Can not speak for the pounds.

    How I can fix roof leaks of my roof for long interval?
    How I can fix roof leaks of my roof for long interval?Roof Leaks is the major cause of my tension and I have to recover near about in each rainy season but it leaks in the next again.

    • ANSWER:
      There are a number of products for for fixing roof leaks but when we talk about there existing period then you should use the epdm based products that are specially designed for facing rain and sunlight and offering the long time relaxation from this problem. So you should use any such product for fixing roof leaks.

    Who responsible to fix roof leaks damage in my home that bought new?
    The home is 5 years old. I called the original people installed the roof and they came out and fixed the leak, but there’s some damage in the ceiling. Who is responsible to fix the damage caused by the leak?
    Just to clarify, I’m the original owner of the home.

    • ANSWER:
      Roof leaks in newer houses should not happen. But after 5 years it is probably your responsibility to pay ( or your insurance company’s).

      There may be some other options, so here are A couple of things to ponder:

      If the original roofer came out and repaired the leak, did they admit any culpability? If they were negligent, then they should fix the damage resulting from their workmanship errors. If they don’t, and it is their fault, their insurance company will pay. (Unless they do Not have errors and omissions insurance)

      Another thing to check out is the roofing material manufacturer. Have they had problems with a particular lot, series, or type of roofing substrate? If so, they may offer some relief…

      Leaky roofs and their subsequent damage are not fun….best of luck….

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fixing roof leaks

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