Fix Roof Leaks

by Fred on November 28, 2012

fix roof leaks

How to start a Property Preservation Business

There are currently more than 2 million homes in the United States that are either in foreclosure or pre-foreclosure. Many of them are sitting vacant and will deteriorate rapidly if not properly taken care of. The banks don’t have theresourcesto take effectively take care or maintainthese properties. So they will pay good money (extremely good money!) to people like you to dobasic repairs and maintenance work on these homes and properties. Most cities have regulations that require the banks to properly maintain these homes or else the banks start receiving very big fines and penalties. Banks can’t allow their foreclosed homes to let the grass grow to high or let the abandoned swimming pool get filthy. Therefore, it is in the banks best interest to maintain their investment in these properties and keep the city authoritieshappy.
The work they need done is usually fairly simple. To operate this business, you will need to know how to change locks, clean out the trash, mow the yard, paint the walls, clean the kitchens, and most importantly, dispose of all of the left over items in the home. Some homes may even require a little more extensive work such as draining swimming pools, fixing holes in sheetrock, calling out roofers to fix roof leaks, etc.All of these taskscan be easily learned. The best part of this business is the pay. If you don’t mind working hard, you can make over ,000 a day. Most of the people in this industry have had days where they have even made up to ,500 forone day of work. You won’t make that much everyday, but when you do, it is really, reallyexciting.
There is no shortage of available work or jobs available in this industry. Many experts expect this industry to very strong and very profitable for the next 5 to 12 years.
After you prove yourself by doing a few jobs for a bank (and doing it very well and efficiently), they can, and will, send you endless amounts of work. You will be your own boss and your income is unlimited. You get to decide what hours you work each day! You can operate this business as aone man operation, operate as a family business, or hire employees and grow the business and cover a larger area.

However, you have to keep doing quality work for the banks. If you get lazy, and don’t do the work properly or don’t do it in a timely manner, the bank will let somone else do the cleanout work in your area.
Another positive is that there are thousands of banks in the United States that need this work done. All you need is a couple of banks/clients and you are set. The biggest obstacle for most people who want to enter this profession is the secrecy involved. Currently, there aren’t many businesses that do this type of work, and these businesses try to keep it that way. They don’t want everyone to know that they aremaking a profitof up to 0,000 a year cleaning out foreclosed homes and they dont want any competition.

Fortunately, you are in luck. if you want to learn how to successfully start a home foreclosure cleaning business we can show you how to do it the right way and teach you how to make over 0,000 in your first year. We can show you how to get started with little money and be successful in a very short amount of time.

To learn how, go to business.htm

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Frequently Asked Questions

    How I can fix roof leaks of my roof for long interval?
    How I can fix roof leaks of my roof for long interval?Roof Leaks is the major cause of my tension and I have to recover near about in each rainy season but it leaks in the next again.

    • ANSWER:
      There are a number of products for for fixing roof leaks but when we talk about there existing period then you should use the epdm based products that are specially designed for facing rain and sunlight and offering the long time relaxation from this problem. So you should use any such product for fixing roof leaks.

    Who responsible to fix roof leaks damage in my home that bought new?
    The home is 5 years old. I called the original people installed the roof and they came out and fixed the leak, but there’s some damage in the ceiling. Who is responsible to fix the damage caused by the leak?
    Just to clarify, I’m the original owner of the home.

    • ANSWER:
      Roof leaks in newer houses should not happen. But after 5 years it is probably your responsibility to pay ( or your insurance company’s).

      There may be some other options, so here are A couple of things to ponder:

      If the original roofer came out and repaired the leak, did they admit any culpability? If they were negligent, then they should fix the damage resulting from their workmanship errors. If they don’t, and it is their fault, their insurance company will pay. (Unless they do Not have errors and omissions insurance)

      Another thing to check out is the roofing material manufacturer. Have they had problems with a particular lot, series, or type of roofing substrate? If so, they may offer some relief…

      Leaky roofs and their subsequent damage are not fun….best of luck….

    How I can fix roof leaks of my roof?as there are many leaks?
    How I can fix roof leaks of my roof?as there are many leaks

    • ANSWER:
      get a roofer to renew the lot seems like there are too many holes for a diy repair

    How can I fix my roof leaks for under ?
    The main leaks are around the air conditioner pipes that go out the roof.

    • ANSWER:
      Go to the hardware store a buy some “plastic roof cement”. It will probably come in a one gallon container. (that will be plenty). Use a putty knife (or just anything, for that matter) and trowel it around the pipes, mashing it in good and troweling it out around the pipes. It wont take much, and will hold for years. You can even put it on wet. It shouldn`t cost much, maybe 10 – 12 dollars. Good luck.

    What is the best way to fix leaks in the roof of an aluminum trailor?
    The roof was silver coated 2 years ago and the leaks were supposedly fixed.

    However, we found more leaks recently. I want it fixed properly and forever!

    Any suggestions?


    • ANSWER:
      down here in florida, the use of kool seal is used successfully…as tessa wrote, you mop it on. if there is a hole created by a fallen tree branch, it may have to have a patch put down and put the kool seal over it.

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fix roof leaks

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