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by Fred on November 24, 2012

fix roof leak

Application Requirements for Residential Projects in Tampa

Just like any city, Tampa, Florida has its own set of rules and regulations when it comes to residential construction projects. Residential owners are required to follow different application procedures as issued by the Construction Services Division of the city of Tampa. This entity is responsible not only for the issuance of permits for residential and commercial construction projects, but also for construction plan reviews and inspections for safety and compliance. Listed below are different residential construction projects and the requirements attached to them.


Installing a new paved and/or concrete driveway for your Tampa home requires following the Residential Driveway Application process. Two site plans must be submitted to be reviewed by the Division’s Client Facilitator; if the proposed driveway is more than 1000 sf, a sealed topographic survey needs to be done. This survey will study the natural and man-made features of the land.


If you are putting together a porch, a sunroom, or whatever addition to your house in Tampa, the Residential Addition Application process requires you to get Building Permits for Additions to Houses (Single Family), Townhouses, and Duplexes (Double Detached Residential). You need to submit two sets of plans that include a floor plan indicating size arrangement and function, energy calculations, framing plans presenting ceiling, floor, roof beams, and rafters, among others.

Tree Removal

There are many instances when trees tend to cause disruption and even accidents, especially during extreme weather conditions. As much as you would like to just cut the tree by yourself, Tampa law mandates that one cannot simply remove, relocate, or destroy a tree without the approval of the Construction Services Division. A site inspection is performed to measure the tree; if it is evaluated as a grand tree (meaning it measures at least 34″), the request for removal is forwarded to the Parks Department. The City of Tampa needs to determine if the tree is a protected or non-protected species.


The requirements for Tampa roofing Florida homeowners employ include acquiring a Roofing Permit. When this permit is finally issued, it qualifies a Tampa homeowner to either install a new roof, re-roof, or repair an existing roof. If your Tampa roofers recommend performing a major roofing project such as altering the structural component of the roof structure, you will need to get a Remodeling Permit as well.

These are just some residential construction projects in Tampa, Florida. Each project requires a different application process that you need to follow as a homeowner. Your Tampa roofers or contractors may be in charge of executing the construction, but it is your duty to comply with the necessary requirements stated by the city’s Construction Services Division.

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Frequently Asked Questions

    How to Fix a Roof Leak in the Winter?
    We have a roof leak which we think is from ice forming in the gutters with all the snow we have. It’s leaking down the inner walls and into the basement. How can we fix this issue now so that we don’t ruin the floor boards, and walls? We want to fix it so we don’t have a mold issue later. Is there any way we can do this our selves or is it something for a professional?
    We have had lots of snow and ice on the roof also. Is this something we have to wait until it melts?

    • ANSWER:
      Have a pro fix it. Wait till it melts. When water stops mold won’t grow.

    How I can recover and fix a roof leak and crack of my roof in the easiest way?
    How I can recover and fix a roof leak and crack of my roof in the easiest way?

    • ANSWER:
      For easiest way of fixing roof leaks and cracks you should try liquid rubber coatings as they are very easy in applying on the surface and give the better results for minimizing this problem.

    how do I fix a Leaking roof valley on georgian terraced town house roof leak?
    I have a 2 foot deep valley between my house and the neighbours running front to back which drains water from both our roofs. This is now leaking. what would be the best way to fix this, should i use roof felt or some kind of water proof rubber paint maybe conrete. I will probably get a pro to fix it but would be helpfull to know what i need doing so i dont get a bodged coyboy job done.

    thanks for any help.

    • ANSWER:
      lead , proffesionally fixed in lapped 1.5mtr lengths (allows for thermal movment) {and stepped if valley shallow} is best Check out lead installation guides online try Calder lead or British Midland Lead as unless installed correctly is a waste of time
      otherwise some butyl rubber valley trough kits are available

    how temporary is a roof leak fix if i nail a board over the existing damaged board in my attic?
    my attic has several broken, bowed & cracked boards. There are even spots in the attic where I can see the tar paper. Hundreds of nailheads are sticking through all over and I am as broke as they come right now. I need to know the best temp fix I can get away with until I can get a new roof, probably next year. yes we get dripping during heavy rains & storms.

    • ANSWER:
      Splice/brace the broken rafters from inside the attic and throw a tarp on the outside. Wooden strips (1″x2″ are ok) nailed around the edges/in the field area will help the tarp stay put in the wind.

      I’m not sure I’d walk that roof… maybe on some planks….

      BTW that’s normal to see nails sticking out of the underside of the roof sheathing.

    How do I fix a roof leak?
    When it rains I can hear water dripping behind the wall of my bedroom. I’m quite sure the ceiling is leaking. I can’t afford to pay anyone to fix it. How can I find the leak and fix the problem myself?

    • ANSWER:
      there is a product called “through the roof”. it’s a clear sealant available in trowel-on or caulk-gun formulas. this will stop and seal all roof leaks. the hardest part is finding the leak. just look in the general vicinity and then go to your roof and look for any damaged shingles or other roof components.

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