Diy Roof Repairs

by Fred on November 18, 2012

diy roof repairs

Energy Guard Elastomeric Roof Coatings & Roof Restoration

EnergyGuard Elastomeric Roof Coating is a high solids, acrylic elastomeric coating for all types of roofs.

Built Up Roofing (BUR), Concrete Roofs, Masonry, Metal Roofs, Modified Bitumen, Polyurethane Foam, Single Ply Roofing and Wood.

Provides a seamless, durable membrane.Superior adhesion to various substrates.Contains fungicides and mildewcides.Excellent UV protection for polyurethane foam.Heat reflective coating helps reduce cooling costs.Reflects the sun’s UV-rays and prevents premature degradation.Prevents premature roof failure by controlling thermal cycling.Easy to use, non-toxic and VOC compliant water based coating.
All surfaces to be coated must be clean, dry and free of any oil, grease or dirt.Any existing coating must be checked for good adhesion.Before application, any loosely adhered coating must be removed and bare surfaces must be prepared, cleaned and checked for compatibility.Energy Guard & trade; Elastomeric Roof Coating is ready to use. Thinning is not recommended.Containers should not be left open for extended periods of time.Follow our roof restoration procedures and always perform a coating adhesion test before doing the entire roof.Spray: Airless Sprayer, 1gpm, 3,000 psi, .027 or .031 tip.Brush: Good quality synthetic bristle brush.Roller: Short nap roller.Clean Up: Water
EnergyGuard Elastomeric Roof Coating is available directly from EPDM Coatings like liquid rubber and liquid epdm. Pricing information can be obtained from an EPDM Coatings Representatives.

On pre-approved, qualified applications, using approved applicators, a 10 year warranty is available. Contact us for complete warranty information.

Periodic maintenance of Energy Guard Roof Restoration System ensures extended service life and maintains reflectivity.

Caution: EnergyGuard Elastomeric Roof Coatings is a water-based product which will freeze and become unusable at temperatures below 32F. Suspend all application if conditions prevent a complete cure before sunset, rain, fog, dew or freezing temperatures. Product must be completely dry before exposing to water or foot traffic. Keep Lexis containers covered when not in use. Dispose of all containers in accordance with state and local environmental regulations. Keep away from children. If ingested, DO NOT induce vomiting. Call Physician immediately.

An elastomeric coatings are roofing applied in a viscous state. It has elastic properties, and can stretch in the summer time heat and then return to their original shape without damage.

Elastomeric coatings usually contain polymeric materials, such as acrylic, and a white pigment, such as titanium dioxide, to make them opaque and reflective. An elastomeric coating is applied thicker than paint.

An elastomeric coating can be used on virtually any substrate including asphalt built-up roofing, concrete roofing, metal roofing, modified bitumen roofing, polyurethane foam roofing and single ply roofing.

Common Types: acrylic elastomeric coating, butyl elastomeric coating, silicone elastomeric coating and urethane elastomeric coating.

Roof Restoration Process

Roof Cleaning
Pressure wash the entire roof surface to remove all dirt, dust, previous paints and coatings that are delaminating and achieve a clean and sound substrate. Some roofs may require special detergents. Call us for recommendations.

Roof Priming
Prime the roof to ensure good adhesion of all coatings. We have primers suitable for almost all roof types. Even totally rusted roofs.

Roof Sealing
All seams, penetrations, non-structural gaps and parapet walls should be flashed. All fasteners should be sealed or capped with elastomeric caulk.

Roof Coating
Inspect the roof for defects or flaws. Apply the elastomeric coating to the entire roof surface to produce a seamless, watertight membrane.

Save up to 50% compared to re-roofing with little or no disruption.Reflects up to 90% of the heat. Saves money on cooling.Solves roof leaks economically and effectively.Includes a 10 year manufacturer’s warranty when professionally installed.
Recommended Equipment
Elastomeric coatings are best applied by high pressure airless sprayers. We recommend a model that has a pressure rating of 3000 psi and a flow rate of 3 gallons per minute.

About the author: Author wants to minimize the problem of roof leaks repair in this article. So he defines many tricks and methods to solve this problem. He also provides some guidelines that how we can utilize our roof repair resources and how we can reduce our expenditures on roofs by using liquid roof, Liquid Rubber, EPDM and other modern techniques.


Frequently Asked Questions

    DIY Garage roof repair?
    Hi Folks,

    My garage roof (a silverish type martial that I can bend at the edges with my hand) is leaking at the back.. Can I repair it myself? What tools / materials would I need? – I can re-seal the edges of the roof where it joins with the side of my house?


    • ANSWER:
      IF its a newform galvanise then you cant reseal it.But you should ask at your diy store do they have any materials for it!

    How can you DIY and repair an entire damaged roof on a 30 ft. travel trailer?
    30 Ft. Jayco has a UV damaged roof. Estimate to have it replaced with a rubber roof is ,000. Is there anyway to repair it yourself ?

    • ANSWER:
      First try a heavy trailer top coating from Henry Inc

      They also have patching compounds for problem areas before you apply the top coating. Local building supply home centers carry Henry products.

    What is a recommended repair for a flat residential roof. This is not to be a DIY repair.?

    • ANSWER:
      It’s pretty much impossible to recommend a repair solution without knowing exactly what the problem is. Is the roof membrane at fault? Or the flashings? What kind of a membrane is it? Single ply elastomeric or built-up? Asphalt? Coal tar pitch? PVC? Hypalon? EPDM? Is the deck sound or rotted?

      I would call a reputable roofing contractor and ask him to inspect your roof and provide a detailed estimate the nature and cost of his proposed solution.

    diy…. std shingled roof leak repair? help on locating exact leak location?
    we physically have water dripping in the house when it rains. have been up on roof to check for leaks but all looks fine. since water takes the path of least resistance, checked that too. cannot find where the leak originates from.
    help and suggestions please on how to locate the source. we know how to repair it, IF we can find it lol.
    ty all in advance…

    • ANSWER:
      I’ve been 20+ yrs in the home repair bus. Finding a roof leak is a tough one. Try to get above the ceiling and look at the rafters and the roof deck from the inside. Thats the only way to find the kind of leak you seek.

    Does anyone know how to repair a leaky asbestos garage roof?
    My garage roof lets in rain. Is it possible to do DIY repairs on it and what should I use? Quotes from builders average nearly £1000!

    • ANSWER:
      If you’re going to repair it yourself, do this one thing: DON’T DISTURB THE ASBESTOS!!!! No drilling, scraping or sanding. Use an asphalt based sealer and trowl it on over the suspected leak areas according to the package directions. Otherwise, you should hire someone to come fix it so that you don’t risk your health over a leaking roof.

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diy roof repairs

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