Affordable Roofing

by Fred on April 2, 2013

affordable roofing

Don't Be Fooled By Second Hand Farm Machinery

The secret behind hunting second hand farm machinery is the same as with any other used product. If you are prepared with the necessary information and in the right mindset, you can walk away with a great deal that you’ll enjoy for years to come. Some important things to know are how to quickly figure out the age, condition, and the usual selling price for the product. Knowing these three key facts can save you from a terrible decision or help you make a great purchase. Just like when you handle any other deals, be ready to negotiate and have your price range in mind.

Get some research done:

One of your first major steps in purchasing second hand farm machinery is doing some personal research. Become informed with what you want to buy and what you know you’ll be looking at. This will ensure you are never taken advantage of and end up with the exact product that you’re wanting. First off, when you’re looking to buy a used tractor don’t be surprised at the machine’s age. Tractors are not like cars, they are made to last much, much longer and you can get nearly any tractor running regardless of its age. As well, unlike your car, your new-used tractor will be far easier to repair.

Internet + Tractors = Success!

Though people don’t often combine the two, the internet has a huge wealth of knowledge concerning tractors and other related things. There are websites available for anything you could possibly want to learn about; tractors included. From all past models to the newest in production, with the internet in hand you can get the prices, numbers, and details about all the models circulating the market.

Don’t worry about her age:

The condition of the second hand farm machinery is much more important than its actual age. To determine the tractor’s condition to some extent, look for a tachometer that includes an hour meter; many of the older models will not include this. Small things like the petal’s conditions and the wear on the handles can reveal a lot about the tractor’s wear and tear over time.

Watch for scams:

Make sure that you’re never fooled by a handy new paint job. Some sellers take it upon themselves to clean up their grizzly plough and replace the appearance with a new style. This can be great for cosmetics, but this doesn’t mean that the tractor is actually in a good, working condition. Check the actual body for dry rotting or growing cracks, these can be more informative than the appearance at first glance.

The last obvious step is to crank the tractor and see how well it runs. If there’s a seller trying to market a tractor, they should be able to easily start it and if not there may be a problem. You may even want to have a mechanic look at the machine as well before you finalize any purchases. Do all that you can to ensure you’re purchasing a working tractor that can handle whatever tasks you have planned.

About the author: Second hand farm machinery doesn’t have to mean it’s of any less quality. A grizzly plough can still run as good as new even if it’s half a century old.


Frequently Asked Questions

    Have you ever used Affordable Roofing or Knight Roofing in the Bay Area?
    At our house in Cupertino, California, we’re replacing our roof and got estimates from Affordable Roofing and Knight Roofing. Have you had any experience with these two companies?

    • ANSWER:
      I would encourage you to contact your local “Better Business Bureau”. They will provide you with any information they have accumulated on these two companies. Keep in mind that the “BBB” does not make recommendations regarding a business. They simply provide information that you can use to make a decision as to whether or not you may want to do business with them.

      Almost any business, no matter how good, will eventually end up with a complaint filed against them with the BBB. A business with a lot of complaints filed against them should probably be avoided. The BBB will tell you how each complaint was handled. A business with a history of “unresolved” complaints should be avoided.

      In the end, the decision is yours. I think one of the most important factors in deciding on a contractor is the length of time they have been in business. Most Contractors fail within five years of starting their businesses. I would not hire a contractor who has been in business for less than ten years. Warranties and guarantees are worth nothing if the contractor who issues them is out of business.

      Good luck with your project.

    Where can i buy roofing materials at an affordable price?
    I need to buy the shingles but places like home depot have the price too high.


    • ANSWER:
      wow, asphalt shingles are the cheapest, most temporary form of roofing available today and companies that fuel foreign economies and devastate the US like the home depot have forced manufacturers to significantly decrease the quality of their products to keep up with their extremely low prices and high demand. still not cheap enough for you? if that was true you wouldn’t have a computer or internet. having a roof over your head has always been more important than vein luxuries until lately. have you considered coating your roof with elastomeric paint? much cheaper than re-roofing and it’s still got that “screw the next guy” flavor that americans seem to love so much.

    I have a small roofing business how do I get more costumers in a more affordable way?
    If somebody can recommend me or give suggestions like internet or fliers telemarketing etc. what works best


    • ANSWER:
      The key to any business is marketing. You need to figure an amount of money that you can afford to spend EVERY month to promote your business. As your business grows, so should this amount. In the beginning when you are small you need to use tactics that I refer to as “guerrilla” marketing. Ex: print fliers at the local Office Depot/Kinko’s and pay teenagers to distribute them in shopping centers on car windshields. Don’t laugh, this works! Contact local Home Owners associations and ask about placing ads in their newsletters. This is usually very inexpensive. Don’t forget the most obvious and yet the most often overlooked: REFERRALS. Ask EVERY customer for 3 people that might need your service. Referrals are the LIFE BLOOD of any business. There are also a variety of local bargain papers where advertising is relatively inexpensive. You would be surprised what committing just 0-0 a month will do for a start up business. But you have to be patient, and CONSISTENT.

    Is Metal Roofing Cheaper Then Shingles?
    I would like to know if metal roofing is more affordable then shingles. I know metal roofing is louder when it rains but if I can save a few grand so what. Is it worth the switch? My house was built in ’92 and my shingles are already curled up from the heat. I don’t even live in the south where it gets really hot.

    • ANSWER:
      a quality metal roof will cost more to install than composition shingles. but, the metal roof may last 20-30 years longer

    raised garden containers using felt roofing paper?
    I have wire mesh hoops 36″ tall, 30″ diameter.I need to line them with something affordable. How about roofing paper?

    • ANSWER:
      I think I’d use landscape fabric. Comes in different weights. The lighter fabric-like stuff is quite cheap and can even be sewn by hand or machine, or stapled together with a paper stapler. Use sheet plastic if you want these things waterproof. I don’t know exactly what’s in roofing paper but it was never made to go near plants.

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affordable roofing

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